Your First Experience at Our Office

From the moment you walk in the door for your first dental visit and continuing with all of your dental experiences in our office, our goal is to consistently make you feel comfortable and at home. We understand that as a new patient, you may have had a previous dental experience that was less than exceptional. Our entire office team is committed and dedicated to providing you with the utmost warm, caring and personalized service possible, validating your decision to make George P. Wick, DDS your dentist of choice.

The first appointment usually starts out with a Comprehensive Dental Examination, Professional Dental Cleaning (dental prophylaxis) and Dental Radiographs provided by one of our Registered Dental Hygienists. When the services are completed, Dr. Wick will then come in and reexam, review and discuss your personal dental profile with you. At this time you will be able to discuss any chief complaints or dental concerns with him.

Comprehensive Dental Exam

  • Oral Cancer Screening: We will be checking and palpating the neck, cheeks, lips, tongue, tissues and gums for any signs of oral cancer.
  • Oral Cancer Exam: For an additional service fee, we can provide you with a more comprehensive oral cancer exam that will detect cancer within the oral cavity.
  • Examination of Existing Restorations: We will be charting and recording any existing restorations that have been previously done so that we have a record of them. We will also record any existing tooth decay that will need specific attention.
  • Periodontal Examination: We will examination all gingival tissues and bone around the teeth for any signs of periodontal disease or beginning gum disease.

Professional Dental Cleaning (Dental Prophylaxis)

  • Removal of calculus (tartar): Calculus (or what the TV commercials call tartar) is plaque that has not been removed from the teeth and has mineralized and hardened on the tooth surface and cannot be removed by just brushing and flossing alone. Calculus can form above and below the gum line and can only be removed with special dental instruments.
  • Removal of plaque: Plaque is a soft, sticky substance primarily made up of saliva and bacteria. The bacteria produces toxins that can inflame the gum tissues and also cause bone loss which is known as periodontal disease.
  • Polishing: This technique is to remove stains and plaque that regular tooth brushing alone can not accomplish.

Dental Radiographs (x-rays)
X-rays are essential in the diagnosis of tooth decay, cysts, tumors or growths of any type and will also reveal any bone loss that could affect your future dental health. Detecting and treating dental problems at an early stage can save you time, money, unnecessary discomfort, and possibly your teeth. Even though dental x-rays produce a very low level of radiation and are considered extremely safe, our office takes every precaution to keep our patients' exposure to radiation limited. Our practice generally takes the conservative approach with dental x-rays. On adult patients we take 4 bite-wing x-rays (to detect decay) on a yearly basis and a Panoramic (full mouth, jaw, bones, teeth, and sinus cavity) x-ray every 3 years. We also use fast film to decrease the exposure time and lead aprons to protect the body.



Patient Forms
Please print and fill out these forms so we can expedite your first visit:


What To Expect
Being well-prepared for your appointment will ensure that the doctor has all of the needed information to provide the best possible care for you. It also will help relieve any unnecessary anxiety you may be feeling. Educate yourself on your symptoms by reviewing the content on this Web site. Also, take some time to review our staff page and familiarize yourself with the doctors. We look forward to your first visit.